Beseler Bestronic T14-8 Shrink Tunnel

The Beseler Bestronic T14-8 Shrink Tunnel is semi-automatic and handles even the largest job efficiently. Depending on operation, the system can shrink 5 to 15 packages per minute, making it perfect for sleeve and plastic packaging applications.

  • Manufacturer: Beseler
  • Model: Bestronic T14-8
  • Serial Number: N/A
  • Year: N/A
  • Condition: Good Working Condition

Beseler Bestronic T14-8 Shink Tunnel Specs

  •  Seal area: Up to 20” long x up to 14” wide
  • Tunnel aperture: 14” wide x 8” high x 28” long with 2” wide x 13” long canvas belt

  • Control panel: has heater, magnet bar, belt timer and speed control dials 

  • Overall dimensions: 88” long x 27” wide x 23” tall 


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